First christmas makes.

Papercrafted Bunting.
I covered strips of card with co-ordinating papers then cut them into triangles.

Then I inked up the edges with distress ink to give them that old look.

I printed words onto card using a vintage font then
 painstakingly cut out each letter by hand.
I bought a die for this purpose but thought the letters were too small.
Again I inked up each letter then stuck them one to a flag.

Punched holes in top corners of each flag.

Cut some twine to length (it was a bit thin so I used four lengths together)
and threaded it through to join the flags

I left a 7 inch length at each end. Knotted a loop, leaving a 2 inch end to
which I attached a jingle bell and knotted on a piece of ribbon.
Ta Da !!  a length of cute bunting only about 2 foot long.

More to come.


  1. So that's what you did on Thursday! They are lovely - looking forward to seeing more! xxBig Sis xx

  2. That looks lovely I like the soft vintage colours it reminds me of those old Rupurt the Bear type annuals - if that makes sense !
    Really fab :)

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  4. Hi Mandi sorry about that I posted the comment twice - really don't mean to untidy your comment section !

  5. Hello Mandi,

    What a lovely blog. You design and make some beautiful things.

    I'm new to blogging and have recently launched my own blog, you might like to look at it (a long name I know!) If you like what you see you can follow me.

    My real business is in curtain making, this is my website - Your blog particularly interested me because I'd love to get involved in a local craft fair here but haven't quite decided what I'd like to concentrate on - time is a bit of an issue too!

    Over time I'll put photos on my blog to show what I'm upto - any comments would be welcome!

    Best wishes,