Back to Blogging at last

Finally I have the chance to blog. I've been very busy over the school holidays, I never seemed to be at home long enough. So this is going to be a bit of a long one.
We took our caravan to Normandy for 2 weeks and we were very lucky to pick the 2 best weeks for weather.
I wasn't idle while I was there, when the others were swimming or maybe even resting I was busy making lovely little things from Rico essentials cotton in lots of lovely colours.
I made flower corsages.

The idea for these came from Lucy at Attic 24 I made them in a cotton DK, put very bright buttons in the middle then mounted them onto a disk of felt and stitched on a brooch pin. I can't remember where I got the rose pattern but there are many to be found on the free pattern sites.
I also made some phone or camera socks.

 When we were looking around the beautiful port of Hon Fleur I saw some rather pretty crochetted pan holders. After having a very close look, as you do, I thought 'I could make those'.
So I had a go and here they are.
Successful I think.
The rest of the school holidays flew by, getting Kate's GCSE and AS results ( she's now passed 13 with A* to C's, we're very proud), getting her fitted out for 6th form, no uniform now so many more outfits needed. Also getting Oliver new shoes, which also cost me 2 new T-shirts in Animal while we were there.

I did find some time to do more cards and other gifts ready for the Kitch and Stitch Fare that was held in Cranbrook on 3rd September.

I had previously bought a little old orange pine cupboard in a charity shop. I painted it, distressed it then decoupaged it with lovely vintage flowers, fruit and butterflies, and turned it into a jewelry chest. I added some hooks inside for neclaces etc and the mesh front can be used for hanging earings. Then there are 2 little draws at the bottom for other bits n bobs.

My sister Debbie from Pretty Goods passes on to me bags of fabric scraps left over from her beautiful creations and I put them to good use in my collages and other creations.
Here are a few picture frames I made from charity shop frames, painted and distressed then scraps of fabrics and lace patchworked together and used for the mounts.

There are plenty more bits to show you but I will do it in another blog as this one is rather long already, so see you again soon I hope. xx