A New Year of making

Its been a while.
I've been very lazy about blogging but that doesn't mean I've not been making.
We had another Kitsch and Stitch vintage and makers fare in March so
I was very busy making for that after selling such a lot at the Christmas fare.
Unfortunately I didn't take photos of most of the projects I made for sale
 but Kate took some photos of my stall.

These are my hands busy sewing in the ends of a granny square blanket
to make it ready for sale.
Unfortunately no photos of the finished item
 but you can just about see a bit of it.
It was beautiful and very colourful.



First christmas makes.

Papercrafted Bunting.
I covered strips of card with co-ordinating papers then cut them into triangles.

Then I inked up the edges with distress ink to give them that old look.

I printed words onto card using a vintage font then
 painstakingly cut out each letter by hand.
I bought a die for this purpose but thought the letters were too small.
Again I inked up each letter then stuck them one to a flag.

Punched holes in top corners of each flag.

Cut some twine to length (it was a bit thin so I used four lengths together)
and threaded it through to join the flags

I left a 7 inch length at each end. Knotted a loop, leaving a 2 inch end to
which I attached a jingle bell and knotted on a piece of ribbon.
Ta Da !!  a length of cute bunting only about 2 foot long.

More to come.


Christmas is comming.

I have 2 craft sales booked now 19th Nov and 3rd December
so I have really got to get making.
I have got lots of lovely new christmas stash together.
Here's a glimpse;

Lots of lovely vintage inspired colours and patterns,in papers and fabrics 
with lots of embelishing stash.
I've got lots of ideas in my head for cards, bunting,
photo display gifts and much more.
I've also got lots of Knitting and crochet to do too.
The papercraft is my day job and I needlecraft in the
 evenings watching telly ( well listening to it really).
Here is some of my stash;
This is going to be turned into scarves, wristwarmers, lavender bags,
corsages and more I hope, if I have time.


Back to Blogging at last

Finally I have the chance to blog. I've been very busy over the school holidays, I never seemed to be at home long enough. So this is going to be a bit of a long one.
We took our caravan to Normandy for 2 weeks and we were very lucky to pick the 2 best weeks for weather.
I wasn't idle while I was there, when the others were swimming or maybe even resting I was busy making lovely little things from Rico essentials cotton in lots of lovely colours.
I made flower corsages.

The idea for these came from Lucy at Attic 24 I made them in a cotton DK, put very bright buttons in the middle then mounted them onto a disk of felt and stitched on a brooch pin. I can't remember where I got the rose pattern but there are many to be found on the free pattern sites.
I also made some phone or camera socks.

 When we were looking around the beautiful port of Hon Fleur I saw some rather pretty crochetted pan holders. After having a very close look, as you do, I thought 'I could make those'.
So I had a go and here they are.
Successful I think.
The rest of the school holidays flew by, getting Kate's GCSE and AS results ( she's now passed 13 with A* to C's, we're very proud), getting her fitted out for 6th form, no uniform now so many more outfits needed. Also getting Oliver new shoes, which also cost me 2 new T-shirts in Animal while we were there.

I did find some time to do more cards and other gifts ready for the Kitch and Stitch Fare that was held in Cranbrook on 3rd September.

I had previously bought a little old orange pine cupboard in a charity shop. I painted it, distressed it then decoupaged it with lovely vintage flowers, fruit and butterflies, and turned it into a jewelry chest. I added some hooks inside for neclaces etc and the mesh front can be used for hanging earings. Then there are 2 little draws at the bottom for other bits n bobs.

My sister Debbie from Pretty Goods passes on to me bags of fabric scraps left over from her beautiful creations and I put them to good use in my collages and other creations.
Here are a few picture frames I made from charity shop frames, painted and distressed then scraps of fabrics and lace patchworked together and used for the mounts.

There are plenty more bits to show you but I will do it in another blog as this one is rather long already, so see you again soon I hope. xx